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About Us

47830_439053813500_8107175_nWali = Will and Ali.

I never thought I would be someone who would combine names with my partner, but it happened.   Somewhere along the way, our friends started referring to us as Wali and here we are.   Will grew up in Michigan and Ali grew up in Pennsylvania.  Both ended up in Colorado and call Denver home.  After quite a few years, a wedding, a house and a few cross-country road trips, we realized this is the time to have a great adventure.  So we’re packing up and moving abroad for 6 months.  3 months in New Zealand, a little bit of time in Australia, and after that…we’ll see where the wind takes us.  As we prepared for our adventures and as we partake on our journey, we wish we would have found more info out there…so we’ll try and capture some of these moments as well as some of the exciting times along the way.  Happy Trails, happy traveling, and here’s to six months of adventures.

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