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Ohope Beach and saying goodbye to New Zealand

Ohope Beach and saying goodbye to New Zealand

By on Mar 23, 2015 in New Zealand, Places |

Ohope marks the last of our time in New Zealand.  We had heard this small beach town was a great place to enjoy some sunshine.  It didn’t disappoint.  After dropping off our campervan in Auckland, we picked up our new rental car and made our way down to Ohope.  Located in the Bay of Plenty, Ohope is known for its beautiful beaches.  We found a great place to rent on Book a Bach near the beach.   Wayne, the owner, met us when we arrived and showed us the entry to the beach across the street.  He also said we could take out his kayaks to the bay if we wanted.  He had built trolley holders that allowed us to pull them the 10 min walk to the bay.  The first trip, we almost got hit by a car crossing the road while navigating the kayaks on trolleys.  By the second time – we were pros, feeling like locals as we ducked under the fence next door, pulling the kayaks across the street and through neighborhoods.

image (36)

Playing around while kayaking. The day was a little overcast – perfect for kayaking.


We kayaked around the island in the middle of the bay. There are houses on the island where people live permanently. They park their cars on the mainland and commute by boat. Kayaking around the island takes 1 1/2 – 2 hours – also depending if it’s high tide (otherwise you’re not going anywhere).

image (37)

This was our favorite part of kayaking around the island. We paddled through this split. We couldn’t see any houses and were surprised to see Spoonbills flying above us along with some shags. Spoonbills were the one kind of New Zealand bird we had been looking for and hadn’t seen.  Pretty magical.

Besides kayaking, we enjoyed the beach.  There were a few rainy days, but mainly there was sunshine and empty beaches.  We soaked up the sunshine as much as we could and even body surfed on the waves.


The beach was pretty empty. A few people walked by, but for the most part, we had the beach to ourselves. The pics don’t do the beach justice.


Not a bad way to spend some time after putting in a day of work.

The last night we were in Ohope, we walked down to the beach to enjoy the moonlight.  We looked at the moon and stars while walking along the beach – soaking in the warm night air and smell of the ocean.  It also gave us time to reflect back on our time in New Zealand.

Ohope at night

Last night in Ohope

Things to remember about New Zealand:

Friendly people with phrases like “cheers,”  “good on ya” and “no worries.”


Swimming with dolphins


image (34)

Wellington and our walks up Mt. Vic


Our daily walks made us go back to the basics – making us focus on what we want to get out of our travels

image (35)

City mixed with nature.



Campervaning and black sand beaches.



Tacos in Dunedin – spending time with Matt and Kim and getting to see Dunedin through their eyes



Milford Sound and Lake Marian



Adrenalin swinging in Queenstown for Will’s birthday followed by Fergburger and everyone singing Will Happy Birthday



All the different animals and birds



Holy Whuck a Penguin! (funny if you get how “wh” is pronounced in NZ)



Tongariro Crossing



Tree and mt taranaki


  • Roadtripping
  • Ferry Rides
  • Southern Walkway – our feet hurt
  • Black water rafting
  • Lake Taupo
  • The Catlins
  • Watching the last Hobbit movie in the Embassy movie complete with “thank you” video from Peter Jackson to New Zealand.
  • And so much more…

The list goes on and on.  For the past 3 months New Zealand has been good to us.  We are sad to leave this magical place that has been home for the past few months.  It’s been an incredible journey.  Thank you, New Zealand.  Good on ya.   Cheers.